BURNOUT: 5 super powders to prevent it


If we all have the same 24 hours in a day as Beyonce, then Queen B definitely has her own adrenal restore rituals.

And you should too. As if it’s not enough that we work 9-5 FT jobs, but a lot of us are extending the work day to make time for our passion projects, side hustles and fitting anything and everything possible into our days. But, sometimes fatigue doesn’t is always due to being overworked — in some cases, feeling tired can be from not doing enough, not working hard enough, sometimes it can be the emotional toll of lack of motivation. Is your burnout from too much work or too much idleness?

That’s where these 5 herbal Ayurvedic aids come in. They can help combat stress, heal deep exhaustion and improve your sleep - allowing you to keep on being a go-getter on your road to reaching your dream.

Tea remedy for being over-worked:
1 cup of ginseng or ashwagandha tea once or twice a day.


Get back to badass with these herbal supps:


Stress-relief must-have. Ashwaghanda may be a trending wellness word these days, but this adaptogen has been around for a long time in the Ayurvedic world. As an adaptogen, it can help your body manage stress.

> reduces cortisol (stress hormone) levels

> reduces stress + anxiety

> reduces symptoms of depression

> anti-cancer properties

> increase muscle mass + strength

> reduce inflammation

> improve heart health

> improve brain function + memory

My favorite brands for Ashwaghanda:
Moon Juice
> Tribe Organics
> Moodbeli (a kickass blend)




A personal favorite, Reishi is a staple in my life as a stress mgmt tonic in the evening. This vital mushroom fights infections and cancer in the body while doing other important jobs, like protecting our immune systems and helping you get a nightly restore.

> supports the body’s sleep cycle

> helps you chill out | adapt to stress

> boosts immune system

> fights fatigue

> fights depression

> high in antioxidants

My favorite brands for Reishi:
Four Sigmatic
> TerraSoul Superfoods




As an adaptogen, Rhodiola Rosea increases your body’s resistance to stress and may help in stressful situations. It’s been studied to help with life and work related fatigue, exhaustion and anxiety.

> improve symptoms of burnout

> decreases stress

> improves depression

> alleviate fatigue

> helps increase attention

> improves brain function

> improves exercise function

My favorite brands for Rhodiola:
> Gaia Herbs




Used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), this root has been used for immunity and to help fight against illnesses.

> enhances immune system

> increase white blood cell production (cells that fight illness!)

> improve chronic fatigue

> anti-cancer effects

Other benefits: improves heart function, improved seasonal allergy symptoms, improve kidney function, help control blood sugar levels, alleviate side effects of chemo

My favorite Astragalus brands:
> Sun Potion



Tulsi aka
Holy Basil

This plant and adaptogen can help you combat many types of stress — emotional, physical or chemical.

> enhances immune system

> improves sleep cycle

> reduces exhaustion

> reduces stress

> helps with forgetfulness

> anti-anxiety

> anti-depression

My favorite Tulsi / Holy Basil brands:
> New Chapter